Dave Faherty- Home at Last

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Dave Faherty- Home at Last

Postby Chachi » Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:54 pm


Hi Everyone,

I am now back to writing from home on my own computer - not from web-mail. Hopefully you will all receive this message.

BIG NEWS! Dave was discharged for good behavior at 2pm today after 10 days in the Hospital for Special Surgery. As always, it was touch and go, but finally all the key medical personnel signed off.

Getting him up the stairs and into the house was a lot less scary than our Sept. experience since this time we still had daylight. Dave immediately headed for the Snickers bag and then bed for a nap upon arriving home.

Now our real fun begins!

Mobility: His physical therapy for the next 5 wks is limited to walking- flat surfaces only, like our deck for a while. He was cleared to use stairs, but we will probably keep that to once a day - bedtime in our own bed!

Pain Management: Still lots of pain meds needed to keep him going, but he is trying to cut back when he can.

Medical: The latest delay in his discharge was due to a low sodium count - (no laughing, those of you who know what a salt lover he is.). We will have to monitor this and limit fluids...particularly water. It is my understanding that this may be caused by the multitude of medications, the intensive surgery and stress to the body etc. Hopefully, being out of the hospital setting, eating home cooked meals etc and plenty of walking will help this issues resolve itself. He is also experiencing swelling in his extremities, which we suspect is a related symptom.

This has been a LONG and discouraging road for Dave, but he made progress on each of the 10 days in the hospital. We are hopeful that it will continue in this direction. I know Dave would enjoy hearing from friends and family - short calls or notes will help his spirits. You should have seen him perk up when he shared running stories with the enthralled physical therapists and other interested staff. I know some are afraid to talk about running with him, but it has been a huge part of his life for a long time and he loves to hear about everyone's experiences. As he recovers ( 6 mos to a yr), we will start to learn what activities are manageable with his newly fused back. ...and yes, (many have asked) the rods and screws stay in.

The main thing we both need now is patience....to heal and get through these tough times. So many friends and family have expressed support and love and we are extremely grateful. Believe me it helps! You can't imagine how much the notes and calls help when you are facing so many physical unknowns. Also,we are beyond grateful to Stefanie and Bob, who opened their home and hearts to us throughout both of Dave's surgeries this fall. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Dave is pleading with me to cut this note short so that we can both start to recharge our batteries.

Love to all,
Judy and Dave
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