Boston marathon pool results

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Boston marathon pool results

Postby Chachi » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:00 am

The spread sheet is located at: ... utput=html

Top 3
1. Chachi 5.66%
2. John H. 7.20%
3. Kevin 15:89%

The winner is Chachi. Not only did he have the lowest 4 picks, he also had the closest time, lowest percentage and didn?t pick any DNF people. All the non-winners picked Norbey and Mark Nyhan. Chachi didn?t pick either one. What does this mean?

Nobody running Boston picked themselves (this was inadvertently left off the rules)

Boston results:
Peter Allen 3:09:49
Rich Burke 2:38:32
Zsusuanna Carlson 3:29:17
Rocco Della Serna 2:54:18
Hillary Clark 3:56:56
Will DeRoberts 3:22:37
Carl Fenske 4:19:22
Nancy Finn DNF
Barbara Franz 3:23:14
Norbey Gonazalez DNF
Tom Hand 4:05:34
Richard Helmer 3:47:09
Barry Lass DNF
Karl Leitz 3:37:08
Steve Lee 3:48:28
Gene Napolitano DNS
Susan Olesky 3:55:44
Mark Nyhan 3:04:55
Bill Zalan 3:29:37
Caroline Lonnergan 3:39:32
Mark Washburn 3:33:59

PS Stay tuned to the forum for where we will run track as there could be a problem with Morristown Beard School

PPS I have an old 27? TV fat screen that still works. I recently upgraded to a flat screen. If anyone is interested in the 27? TV, please let me know (free of charge) or it will end up in our land fill.
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